From audiophiles to audio engineers, the groundswell of enthusiasm for this new technology is amazing listeners and perplexing competitors. Hear sounds in your music that you have never heard before. Locate sound sources on the left, right, front and back. Listen to the delicate vibrato of a singer and the pure sound of an instrument, without distortion.

HDSS [the technology in Blue Ever Blue earphones] Helps the Hard of Hearing.

HDSS sound technology distinguishes itself from conventional sound technologies in its patented ability to prevent the heat build-up in the speaker enclosure by creating a dynamic volume area which allows heat and pressure to remain constant within the enclosure. In this dynamic volume area sound frequency waves evolve naturally without distortion. This undistorted sound reaches the eardrum in a pure state allowing the brain to easily interpret the sound. For hard of hearing persons there is usually some damage to the cilia receptors located in the cochlea. HDSS may not improve this damage but it removes one less obstacle to the work of the brain in comprehending the sound source.